First Priority Club


Mackenzie Southworth

William (Corey) Carter as he shares his thoughts on a topic in a club meeting.

Mackenzie Southworth, Staff

On Monday, October 24th, the First Priority Club held its 7th meeting this year! Christian students (and anyone else wanting to come) attend to pray, learn, and grow their faith together. They hold meetings every Monday, where a lesson is given about a certain topic, during which students are given the opportunity to participate by reading scriptures, sharing comments, or discussing personal experiences and their faith stories.

Held in Room 4-116, students attend the First Priority Club. (Mackenzie Southworth)
Olivia Moore joyfully attending First Priority. (Mackenzie Southworth)

Junior Olivia Moore says, “I’ve been in first priority for as long as it’s been at Sunlake, I was a part of putting the club together here. First Priority began at Sunlake just this past year. The purpose is to bring a fun, Jesus-based club that is welcome to anyone at schools like Sunlake. Anyone can attend First Priority meetings, it may be a club based on Jesus, but overall it is a welcoming club, and even someone who may have never heard of Jesus can come and see what it’s all about! Our club meetings start with a fun game, then we do a Bible study and hang out for a little bit too! I really enjoy going to First Priority because I get to meet new people and talk about Jesus for an hour after school.”

First Priority will continue to hold meetings throughout the school year, and everyone is welcome to join! They hope their messages can touch the hearts of more students, and bring others to Jesus and His messages.