Happy Halloween From The Seahawks


Samuel Chacon

National Honor Society playing a fun game with a little kid dressed as Mario.

Samuel Chacon

Sunlake Highschool Trick-or-Treat Around the Track on October 29th was a wonderful experience with the families and our Seahawks. Kids and families from all over the neighborhood came to walk around the track and collect candy. Nostalgic Halloween music played in the background and many fun games that our Sunlake Seahawks had prepared for the event were scattered around the track. Our Sunlake Seahawks that volunteered were from many of the clubs from our school, including Key Club, National Honor Society, Book Club, Hawkeye Club, Student Council, Random Acts of Kindness, and Robotics. It was not just the clubs that helped sponsor the event, but some of our sports teams as well; for example, the girl’s Lacrosse team, the Cheerleading team, and the girls’ Soccer team. Each of the former groups has prepared for this event since the beginning of October to bring enjoyment and exciting experiences to the families and the children. 

Lynn Raad with Jonathan Chu and Shelby Watson getting prepared for the ring-tossing game!

For example, Sophomore Lynn Raad from Key Club explained what she and her club had prepared, saying: “Me and my friends started planning this out since the beginning of October, starting with the treats to give out to the kids like lollipops, gummies, snacks, chocolates like KitKats, snickers, and my favorite Twix. Then we thought of a game that most little kids would enjoy playing, and we thought of getting inflatable spiders and putting them on our heads so that the kids would throw the rings onto the legs to win more pieces of candy! So, me and Jonathan Chu and Shelby Watson were doing that part of the game” 


Jade Reese celebrating with superman!

This event was a time for the students to get more engaged with families and to add hours for their community service hours volunteering. Also, it brought joy and happiness for the children to get prepared for the spooky day of Halloween. But not only did it bring happiness and joyful memories for the children, but also the students themselves. Senor Jade Reese expressed such gratitude for this event, stating: “I felt pretty satisfied with this event. It was really fun to see the little kids happy and it was really fun to run the Hawkeye booth with Bella Colosimo! We had two bowling stations and had the kids play with them to win more candy. It was pretty hectic, but we pulled through till the end. My favorite part was probably having to help some of the kids roll the ball since they chucked the ball directly at me. I also saw some of the kids wearing T-Rex costumes, who couldn’t even see, so I just told them to knock the pins over with their tails. They really had fun with that, and the kids loved it when I talked about their outfits telling them they were really cute to see.” Jade was very grateful to be part of this event and that she had been given the chance to put a smile on each of the kids’ faces and even put a smile on her own face.