Sunlake Green Thumbs


Danielle Swenson

Junior Tristan Marti working in the garden.

Jack Lonon, Staffer

Sunlake High School’s Giving Garden club allows students to serve their community and get hands-on gardening experience by growing vegetables which are donated to families in need. One member, Senior Mackenzie Kaiser joined the Giving Garden club this year after her friend Caitlyn invited her to join, and she “knew [she] wanted to be a part of it.” She recalls planting a variety of different plants, and she proudly exclaimed that she “helped with the carrots!” Although growing carrots and beans is plenty exciting, in the future, she “would love to grow berries, such as blackberries or blueberries.” Since she has joined the club, Mackenzie has “learned how important it is to grow native plant species,” which can help to restore natural habitats, support pollinators, and promote Florida’s biodiversity. Her favorite part of Garden club “is seeing the whole process of everything growing,” from a seed in the ground to food that can be used to help others. Harvesting the fruits of their labor is just one of the many rewards that members of the club get to enjoy. Mackenzie wants anyone considering joining the Giving Garden club that “this will help you play an important role in helping our environment and giving back to others!”

Students working in the garden. (Danielle Swenson)