Hidden Talents


Throughout the years of doing makeup Ciara has learned, “Ironically how much I don’t need it, and how I can use it more as an art form rather than a shield to cover my face. It has taught me how to reach inside and find my true creative energy.”

Madison Belfiore, Staffer

Makeup for many people is a way to express themselves as well as help people display emotion and how they feel. Senior Ciara Olian’s hidden talent is doing special effects makeup. She got into makeup in 5th grade but started getting into special effects makeup around 8th grade. Ciara says, “I first took an interest in makeup because I was really insecure, but then I got into special effects makeup, and I love it.” Unfortunately for Ciara none of her final looks ever seemed to be just how she imagined them to be, she says, “My finished product usually doesn’t turn out exactly how I wanted since I’m a perfectionist. But I always end up learning something from the process that will help me for the next look.” Ciara has had lots of practice doing makeup on other people, “I get a lot of satisfaction from seeing people wear my makeup. I don’t do original looks, but it gives me more experience with different shapes and textures of faces.” Ciara wants to have a future job in makeup, she loves it, and makeup is something that she is very passionate about. For a future job, Ciara says, “I wanna be a special effects makeup artist for things like “The Walking Dead”.” During the holidays, like Halloween Ciara would watch YouTubers like James Charles, and she would see him do Halloween looks, which in turn, inspired her to start doing special effects makeup. Ciara says, “James Charles. Nikkietutorials, and JuicyboyTv all inspired me to start getting super creative with special effects makeup. James Charles was the first when I saw him do his Halloween looks and his follower’s makeup.” If there was one thing that Ciara could say to people just starting with makeup, she would tell them, “Don’t be discouraged if your makeup doesn’t look like your reference. Your reference is an expert’s work. Achieve what you can and focus on your improvements. There will always be times you don’t like what you make, and that’s okay. Trust the process every time. More than likely, you’ll end up liking what you’ve made in the end.”

When Ciara first started doing special effects makeup, she practiced on, “myself first, then I started working on my friends and my mom. I am completely self taught through watching videos and trial and error.”