Sunlake High School’s Teacher of the Year: Mrs. Hock


Mrs. Hock works hard grading her tests.

Noah Sagnip, Staffer

Mrs. Hock, a science teacher for 22 years and counting, is an important Seahawk figure. She has been teaching at Sunlake high school ever since it opened and continues to teach what she loves. Mrs. Hock teaches Ap Environmental Science along with Biology. When asked about what each class is about, she says “Environmental is ecology, the interaction between animals in their environment and what humans affect this interaction. Biology is about the study of life. Bio is you, you need to know how our body works, how to be healthy, and how to raise a family.” She has a great passion for what she teaches and does for her job. With this, she got named the Teacher of the Year at Sunlake High School this School Year. 


Teaching is all about passion, you must love what you do every day. Mrs. Hock does just that. “I love teaching environmental and biology, I love the environment.” She not only loves the classes she teaches, but she also loves her school. “I love Sunlake, I love teaching here. I loved every year I have taught, even the Covid year. The students are great, the faculty is great, the campus is great.” It is clear Mrs. Hock has a great passion for her job. When asked about why she became a teacher she says, “I didn’t become a teacher to get rich, I did it for my passion, I love teaching and doing what I do.” With her teaching career coming to 30 years, the full retirement year, she plans to keep going. “I plan to stay here. My house is here, I don’t wanna leave.” Mrs. Hock is one of Sunlake’s OG teachers, she has been here since the start. With her great passion and love for what she does, she has earned her achievement of Teacher of the Year. 

Mrs. Hock’s Ap environmental Class takes a test