Sunlake’s Freedom 365 Club


Daniel Crane

Students in the Freedom 365 club prepare bags that will be handed out to teachers who served in the military as a thank you.

Daniel Crane, Staffer

Sunlake High School’s Freedom 365 club is a place where students can gather and talk about current world events and how they affect their community. The club also has a focus on giving back to important people in the local community.

A Junior who attends the club, Emily Geaney, explained what she likes about the Freedom 365 club, saying “I love being able to go to meetings where I see us giving back to the community.” Emily added, “I love seeing how our service projects impact the community.” Emily also explained how those in the club enjoy attending, saying “I love the atmosphere of our club because everyone who is there wants to be there… every single person gives back in their own way.” When asked what she would tell anyone who doesn’t attend the Freedom 365 club, Emily said “If you’re interested in being a part of service projects that have a patriotic point of view, then I would say come to the club.”

Another junior in the Freedom 365 club, Rohan Parekh, also explained why he attends the club, stating “I like the service projects” adding “[I like] giving back to the patriotic group of people who are underappreciated a lot of the time, which makes me sad but that’s why I attend.” Rohan explained that the people in the club “…want to make other people happy who may not feel appreciated by the majority of people nowadays.” When asked what he would tell anyone who doesn’t attend the Freedom 365 club, Rohan said “Please come and show your appreciation for those who allow you to live your life in safety.”