Sunlake Scores Once Again!


Abigail Walden

Senior Nate Knobl playing at the varsity soccer game against Springstead.

Jillian Moore, Staffer

Sunlake Highschool is already starting the 2022-2023 boys varsity soccer season off to a great start! Senior, Nate Knobl, a goalkeeper on Sunlakes varsity soccer team, absolutely loves game days! Nate does a fantastic job at goalkeeping! Nate says his favorite part about high school soccer is the competitiveness he gets while playing, and playing his teammates from club soccer at other schools. Getting to play against his friends is such a fun time and he gets to catch up with all of them after the games. Nate has been playing soccer since he was six years old and is very dedicated to it. Considering the fact that Nate has been playing soccer for most of his life, and has played every year of high school, he is really going to miss playing high school soccer after this season, since he is graduating this year. Nate says, “I look forward to winning every game I play this season and winning the state title this year.” The most recent game Sunlake had played was against Springstead High school where they won 4-1 easily! It seems that all the boys on the team are going to dominate this season and are going to excel tremendously!