The F in Fun is for being an AP Statistics Teacher


Leighianajean Lazo

Ms. Adams in front of the wall of statistic topics that she truly much adore.

Leighianajean Lazo, Staffer

One of the underrepresented jobs is teachers, despite the pay and the amount of work they have to do they work hard for students to be able to achieve their dreams. Many teachers here in Sunlake had worked for years by teaching students the stuff they enjoy teaching and helping students become better people. One of the many teachers at Sunlake that teaches such an underrated subject that many students don’t enjoy having to learn is A.P. Statistics with Ms. Adams. Teachers here at Sunlake have many reasons why they began teaching and the factors that come with it.

Ms. Adams’ love for teaching math had come from, “…[helping] my sister get through school. [As] my sister almost didn’t graduate high school. And so I had to help her a lot. And so in helping her, I realized that I think I would be really good at [math]. And I had a really great statistics teacher when I was in high school. And so I’ve always wanted to teach that.” Ms. Adams had begun the route of becoming a teacher as a way to help others understand what she was trying to convey, she was like a lifesaver for students and her sister who struggle with statistics and help them become as great as she is. “And so, when the opportunity came, I just made sure that everybody knew what I wanted to do it. And so it goes.” As life offers opportunities and chances it’s up to the person if they want to take it or not, so Ms. Adams took that opportunity and now dedicates her life to being a full-time teacher at Sunlake. But unfortunately, there can be good things and bad things about being a teacher. For Ms. Adams, it isn’t really all too bad. Stating, “the best things are probably getting to see students like actually feel they’re successful at something when they thought that they were going to struggle with something. The worst thing is everything outside of the classroom.” The greatest feeling for a student is knowing what you’re actually doing and everything just suddenly clicks. Ms. Adams’ greatest accomplishment is having a student learn through their mistakes and becoming victorious in a subject that she favors teaching so much. But what really captured Ms. Adams eye for statistics is how “…it is so much fun, because it’s like it’s so real world, it applies to everything. So kind of making the connections to life, and their experiences that students are going to have as adults.” Unlike other maths, statistics is so real-world based that students can learn and apply it to their everyday lives or to their future jobs, which benefits them to learn more about the subject and become more attentive.

What’s the basic routine for Ms. Adams’ class? As many assume that every day is just the same and boring content is taught, it’s not like that in her class. She believes “I feel like so many days are very different…” she continues, “We have some lessons that are more like a real-world issue that we explore and analyze the data of it and have like a discussion. And then we have other lessons where we do kind of like practice, like, introduce a little bit of things and they try it on their own, and then we go over it. Then they have like exit tickets like kind of traditional kind of stuff. And then we have other days where we do like hands-on activities where we are rolling dice and calculating probabilities and throwing Barbies off the balcony.” Ms. Adams is right, many days in her class always feel different and not usually the same. She tries and makes sure learning is fun in her class and not boring as if to make students feel as though they’re just retrieving the same information, over-and-over again. She also included, “We have a couple of different routines, so it kind of cycles through the different hand on or like more notes or discussion style.” Learning in Ms. Adams class just feels like a breath of fresh air, as she goes through every learning style in order for her students to know what she—as a teacher—is trying to deliver to everyone. To conclude, being a teacher isn’t hard or easy but in the long run, it’s beneficial to students who are trying to learn the subject that they love the most in the world.

Students working on their homework and assignments in AP statistics.