Savannahs First Meet


Samuel Chacon

Savannah Jackson succeeding on a clean and jerk.

Samuel Chacon, Yearbook Staffeer

Sophomore Savannah Jackson was a part of the girl’s weightlifting team for Sunlake High School against Wesley Chapel and Pasco High School; both schools compete with different weight classes and three different lifts such as snatches, clean and jerks, and bench. This is Savannah’s first year experiencing a weightlifting meet, so she was very confident and excited for her first meet. The last meet was canceled due to weather, so Savannah was looking forward to the meet that day. Savanah said, “I feel confident on today’s meet because I’m gonna be doing clean and jerk and I’ve been working on those for a while. Savanah gave a brief summary of what she had done during the meet and said: “I only did clean and jerk and bench that day and on clean and jerk I succeeded on the weights I choose but on bench, I only succeeded two times because on the third time for 75 pounds, it was too heavy.” Prior to the match, Savannah had to prepare for the meet so she could give her all on the day of. Savannah stated “prior to the day…[of the meet], I had to stay hydrated just like my coach said. Right before… I ate a pub-sub which are the best.” Savannah had got convinced by some of her friends to join weightlifting and when asked for the reason she said “I heard that weightlifting could make you stronger in many areas so I joined it because I really wanted to gain muscle so could be stronger and have more power for volleyball.”