Less Driving, More Chemistry.


Koen Devenny

Mrs. Latimore poses while walking students through a chemistry lab.

Ryan Harris, Staffer

Mrs. Latimore poses with Ryan Harris for a picture.

Mrs. Latimore is one of Sunlake’s chemistry teachers. When asked how long she has been at Sunlake she said, “I think this is my 10th year and its actually the only school I’ve ever worked at, well Anclote but that was for a month so that doesn’t count.” When asked why she transferred from Anclote to Sunlake it was because “at Anclote the position I had wasn’t a science position and some teachers told me there was an open science position at Sunlake and it’s close to my house. I live between Sunlake and Mitchell and I originally wanted to go to Mitchell because at the time that’s where my kids went but I stayed here at Sunlake because of my coworkers, I work with some pretty cool teachers.” she said. When she first started at Sunlake she was brought on as a biology teacher and a chemistry teacher “but I only taught biology for 5 years and I’ve been teacher chem for 10 years. Biology is what I went to college for, but I enjoyed chem a lot more.” In her early days before teaching, she did “various things, so I had a candle shop with my mom in johns pass.” When asked if she enjoys Sunlake she said, “yes it’s why it’s the only school I’ve ever worked at.”