Inside the Polytechnic Field Trip


Lance Robinson

Students enjoying activities on the Polytechnic Field Trip.

Ella Infanger, Staffer

Our Sunlake Seahawks had an awesome experience touring a Polytechnic campus. Polytechnic is the name used for a school, college, or university that specializes in science and technology. Our Seahawks had the opportunity to enjoy a field trip to one of these schools at the Florida Polytechnic University. This is a public university in Lakeland, Florida and the state’s only polytechnic school. It’s also dedicated exclusively to STEM education. One student, Sophomore Shaylee Forsha, “learned a lot about the way that Florida Poly works, since our tour guide was actually a student there, and they told us about the college’s schedule and about how hands-on Florida Poly was compared to other colleges.” They participated in a tour of the campus from a polytechnic student. “There weren’t very many special activities,” Shaylee continued, “but we did get to participate in a Physics lab hosted by who I assume to be the teacher for that class.” She explained students were shown “where all the classes were and what  kind of facilities were offered to the student.” This educational and inspiring field trip showed students what college life was like and some of the activities they can enjoy there. In fact, Shaylee commented on how the trip “definitely helped me feel a bit better about my future to know that there’s a lot of help that the students can get if they’re struggling, especially since I’ve been so nervous about college.” This field trip offered insight to what college life is like and gave our students a great option to look at when applying for colleges.