Polytechnic with a VIP


Andrew McEntire, Staffer

The Florida Polytechnic University (Florida Poly), located right around the corner in Lakeland, is known for their affordability and promise, according to their website. The college was the site of one particular field trip for our beloved students. Switching gears from seahawks to the university’s iconic bird; the phoenix, our students went on to learn the ins and outs of the college. The trip includes teachings of student life, course content, tuition, all those professional shares, while also giving the students entertaining labs and, my personal favorite, a duly well lunch complete with a buffet, of which a private source notes the residency of cheesecake churros! 

Caleb Cueva, Sophomore, known for their dazzling role in the play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, starts by saying, “At first I wasn’t gonna go on the trip because I’m already enrolled at the Embry-riddle dual enrollment thingy,” “polytechnic didn’t seem like something that would be super beneficial, but my friend was gonna go and I’ve never toured a college before, so I thought ‘why not?’”

They continue further, stating, “I learned a lot about the campus and what to expect in my first year. There and the general community and faculty behavior.” and “The trip really opened my eyes to what an ideal campus looks like to me, I wanted to go for the purpose of finding out what I like or dislike in a university and polytechnic really did an amazing job in demonstrating what makes a university appeal to me, for all intents and purposes it fulfilled its purpose and then some.”

As per the usual closing of our lovely chats, our interviewee would like to share, very professionally may I add, their most memorable moment which “was doing a physics lab. It was very exciting and educational, highlighting exactly what the school is about and the atmosphere that it presents. Polytechnic is great for those looking to go into a career in the STEM field, which is something the faculty repeatedly said since the school is explicitly that type of campus.”