Lady Seahawks Shoot for the Stars with High Hopes and Aspirations


Noah Sagnip

Kaycie Hyde (10th) takes a three point shot against East Lake

Noah Sagnip, Staffer

The Sunlake Girls Basketball team is now in full swing for their season. After a great and successful 2021-2022 season, going 11-12 and 3-1 in their district, they hope to have another season just like last year. So far, they have played two games in this 2022 season but unfortunately lost both games. The first home opener was against Land o’ lakes high school and the second away game was against East Lake high school. Although the first 2 losses for the team give the ladies a rough start, their spirits remain high.

A two-year varsity starter, (Sophomore) Kaycie Hyde, has high aspirations for this season. She says, “I think this season will be a big step from the seasons prior because of the quickness and skill of the players along with the defensive strengths on the team.” “I think we will have a good shot of becoming district champs with the team we have.” When asked why she believes that they may be district champs she said, “that’s the goal, to be the best we can and to keep going up.” A lot has changed from last season to this season, “the biggest improvements are us being able to control the ball more on offense, creating defensive steals into points and communicating on the court.” However, aside from improvements, there are still weaknesses as Kaycie tells me, “I think some weaknesses we have is communication and focus, although we are a great team and have the capabilities to win sometimes, we are not focused which can result in negative outcomes.” With all problems, there are solutions, “they can be fixed by us relying on each other to communicate well.”

The hopes and aspirations of this year for the Lady Seahawks are high. They hope to turn the season around and win every game from now on. Doing so may result in a district title, a great achievement for our school and the girls’ basketball team.