Sunlake’s Thankfulness


Ricardo Vila

Ricardo with a group of his family members, each excited for Thanksgiving.

Daniel Crane, Staffer

Thanksgiving – a holiday dedicated to looking back upon our lives and appreciating the things we have that others may not. Sitting down with sophomore Ricardo Vila, he explained his Thanksgiving experience. “This Thanksgiving I went to my uncle’s house and ate with some of my stepfamily and my blood family.” Ricardo also explained, “I also went to my other grandma’s house and ate with that family.”

Although an important part of Thanksgiving, sitting around the dinner table isn’t the only thing families might do! Ricardo described his experience playing board games with his family. “We played Uno, Monopoly, and Catan,” Ricardo said. He also said, “I won Monopoly. It was very heated – grandma always debates the rules. She always thinks she is right – she’s never right.”

Ricardo also talked about more family that he spent time with for Thanksgiving. “I have like eight cousins over there. We went outside and played in the woods.” Ricardo went on to say he had a great time with all of his family members this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving can be a great experience for everyone involved. Family members can all join, helping each other by cooking or setting up the table. Ricardo’s story is only one of thousands and each one is unique. What’s your Thanksgiving story?

Ricardo’s uncle (right) and his grandma (left) and their dog (middle) posing for a picture during Thanksgiving. (Ricardo Vila)