Robotics Club Reaching for Success


Toby Somerville

Ty Cockerham and Vadaant Sarker (left to right) try to repair a wheel malfunction for their robot. Since they are both seniors this year, these two will need to teach the underclassmen about the club and how it operates and aims to compete this year.

Toby Somerville, Staffer

This week, senior Vadaant Sarker helped the robotics team tackle their project for an upcoming competition. He says, “hopefully we can get a competition robot built this year and compete in a vex competition after not competing for the last two years.” Because of the break in competition, this year’s team is determined to finish a robot in time. Vadaant says, “currently in the club we are starting to build the preliminary parts of our competition robot after brainstorming the last few meetings.” Once the project all comes together, their robot will surely go far in the competition. But no progress would be made without teamwork and collaboration. Vadaant says “this club is really good for building team building skills”, and it’s nice to “experience working with vex robotics systems where we go through the whole design process while making our robot.” The robotics club is a great place to make friends with the same interests, and Vadaant always enjoys meeting each week. He says, “some of my favorite things to do in the club is to talk to the members and work on stuff in the robotics workshop that we have access to.” Hopefully the team this year can accomplish a lot with the relationships they’ve made and the things they’ve learned.

Senior Vadaant Sarker handles the Robotics Club’s project that they’ve been working on. Working in the workshop and using something you’ve helped create is always fun. (Toby Somerville)