Olivia Sutton

Juniors, Ava Edwards and Rylee Vogt at their annual Friendsgiving dinner.

Gabriela Carrioni, Staffer

In honor of the holiday season, a thanksgiving tradition for friends is to throw a “Friendsgiving” party. A Friendsgiving is similar to a Thanksgiving dinner, but with a group of friends that you would like to give thanks for rather than your immediate family. Rylee Vogt, a junior at Sunlake Highschool had her own Friendsgiving this year to celebrate how thankful she is for some of her best friends. Rylee says, “my friends and I have a Friendsgiving every year, hosted by Ava Edwards. This one was the third one, and I hope to keep the tradition going even when we have all parted ways after high school.” When asked what her favorite thing about having a Friendsgiving is, Rylee said, “I love being able to see all my friends over Thanksgiving break and being able to tell them how much I appreciate them, because I don’t say it often enough. Also the food is really good.” Rylee says that although the event is inspired by a traditional thanksgiving meal, “a tradition we have is that almost none of the food is actually traditional Thanksgiving food. That’s why I get so excited about it. You would be surprised how well people our age can cook.” Friendsgiving is a great way to gather friends and family without the stress of the actual holiday.