A Thankful Thursday


James Magos

Carson poses for a picture.

James Magos, Staffer

Last Thursday was not just any other Thursday. It was Thanksgiving, a day to be with the people you are most thankful for and shower the world with love and gratitude, and show people what you are most thankful for. Junior Cason Hammond spent his Thanksgiving with his family doing just that and more. I asked Cason what he is thankful for this year, “I am thankful for my friends and family that I get to be with everyday. I am also thankful for the things that I have.” Cason also plays lacrosse for the Sunlake team. He says, “I love game days, being on the field and being able to play with the team is a great thing. I really enjoy the team that we have and they are a bunch of cool people.” Cason has been playing lacrosse for three years and he played midfield and attack.

Some peoples favorite thing about Thanksgiving are the food that is made. “My favorite Thanksgiving food is the cranberry sauce and the stuffing. I just can not pick between the two foods,” Cason said when I asked him what his favorite Thanksgiving food is. “My favorite desert is pumpkin pie, you just can’t say otherwise.”

Cason Hammond on the sideline before a lacrosse game last year