What does Soccer mean to the players?


Samuel Chacon

Senior Dylan Ortiz & Senior Derek Natal posing for a picture after a game.

Leighianajean Lazo, Staffer

Dylan Ortiz playing center mid defense and waiting to hit the ball. (Samuel Chacon)

As one of Sunlake’s many sports, soccer, is popular among others but not really highlighted. Varsity soccer for boys is known for its passionate and focus-minded players as many of them practice day and night to become the best at what they do. I had the chance to interview one of the players from the soccer team- Senior Dylan Ortiz, who was one of the well-experienced players on the team, and talked about his defeats and his wins. Like many of the various athletes at this school, some started young- like Dylan who stated, “I have been playing soccer since I was 4…” This shows how his passion started young and shaped him into who he wanted to be today- a soccer player. Dylan’s position for the team is “center defensive mid” as he defends the ball from coming towards his team’s goal, he also learns to be alerted and aware of his surroundings since one mishap can make the team lose the whole game. But one of Dylan’s best games he played this year “…was probably against East Lake. We won 1-0 and I won every header, got the ball from defenders when they were attacking and took players on 1vs1 and got past them, and drew fouls.” This became Dylan’s proudest moment because of how he carried the team through the game, stealing the ball almost every time. For his last year, this was one of his best games for his senior year as he was his team’s best player in that game. However, there are times when we cannot always win but rather lose, and that’s what happened with Dylan. “The worst game I’ve played was against Cypress Creek. I didn’t play terrible but I didn’t play as good. I didn’t win all the tackles and didn’t take on the players.” They didn’t lose the game entirely but Dylan lost his endurance and his mentality at that time. He wasn’t impressed with himself on just how uninvolved he was during the game. It wasn’t terrible but he didn’t receive much interaction. Although there are times when practicing or winning games isn’t everything, Dylan prefers “…the fact that I [sic] get to play with friends who I consider family and really close…” He cherishes his team like brothers and that’s what makes soccer memorable and much more fun for him.