Thanksgiving Story


The Chauncy Family getting ready for Thanksgiving Dinner. Photographer: Maggie Chauncy

Jack Svengard, Staffer


The Chauncy Family at Busch Gardens the day before Thanksgiving.
Photographer: Maggie Chauncy

Thanksgiving is a beloved, fall holiday where kids from all over come together to give thanks to what is special in their life. It is celebrated by many, including the kids at Sunlake High School, who get a one-week break to enjoy the holiday. Some kids travel, some kids stay in town, but all end up participating in a feast with their treasured loved ones. Sophomore Maggie Chauncy, stated that she thinks Thanksgiving is a very important tradition as, “it is an important to be thankful and also a nice time to see family.” Thanksgiving is also an important period for traditions, where you do the same thing each year that is special to your families lifestyle. “Every Thanksgiving, everyone makes their own dish so we can share the work and my grandparents usually come over,” Maggie states about her yearly Thanksgiving traditions. This shows how every has a unique way of celebrating this iconic day. Thanksgiving is a time for joy, tradition, and togetherness at Sunlake, making it a well-respected and energetic holiday. Thanksgiving in Sunlake High School brings together the whole school to celebrate what is important to them with a mixture of feasts, traditions and family.