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Adrian Cangas the club’s president, on the left, playing Halo with other club members.

Ben Hock, Staffer

The Sunlake gaming club is a relatively new club to Sunlake and is located in Mr.Fernandez’s room along with the robotics club after school on Tuesdays. Sophomore Adrian Cangas, who was a club member last year, is the current acting president of the club. He describes the club as a space where “we play games and we also allow other people to bring in their own games. People mostly want to play on the computers and we also allow other people to make their own games if they want and then we play their game.” In the club a large majority of its members opt to play Halo as a big group. Halo is a multiplayer FPS game with many game modes all of which are very customizable and allows for up to 16 people to play in one game. Adrian says most members enjoy the club because “We are all people with similar interests and then you get to play video games in a place that’s usually not where you play something like this, and you can meet others who share similar interests.” Once every quarter the club hosts a tournament where anyone can compete. The tournament is typically on Halo and Smash bros and has a large turnout. Food and drink are supplied to those who enter the tournament and the winners of Smash bros and Halo can also earn prizes.

This is a close up of a club member actively playing Halo