Some Dream About Goals- We Make Them!



Pictured is sophomore Cade Culpepper playing at a soccer game.

Jillian Moore, Staffer

Sophomore Cade Culpepper, a player on Sunlake’s junior varsity soccer team, absolutely loves the game! Cade has been playing soccer for about seven years competitively. Cade’s position in soccer is usually a center-attacking midfielder (CAM), but will sometimes go out to the wing, as his coach is always swapping out the winger. Cade says “I look forward to sliding tackling some kids and scoring goals on them and celebrating the goals with my team.” Cade is very competitive and always aims to win and succeed. The junior varsity team recently won an away non-conference game against Cypress Creek by a score of 4-0. So far this season Cade has played two games, made three points, and scored one goal, and one assist. Cade has learned to love high school soccer and is extremely grateful to have such great teammates. Cade says “My favorite part about high school soccer is getting to hang out with Coach Randal Reeves and experience so many wins in a game.”Cade says that he has such a fantastic bond with his team and says, “Our team is basically a family and we are always able to work together very well, from helping each other with new skills, to always being supportive to one another.”