Loss turned Lustrous? Seahawks vs Gators. Feat. Mr. Capers


Andrew McEntire

A brilliant smile by the work of one coach and councilor, Mr. Capers.

Andrew McEntire, Staffer

Recently the boys’ basketball team has faced a loss at the hands of the Land O’ Lakes Gators… Or rather—as coach and councilor Mr. Capers sees it—a valuable learning experience. Taking a few steps back before the game, the mentor recounts, “The boys were prepared, they were excited since we were playing our rival team and our district opponent. Before that game, I felt prepared. As a coach, I always feel prepared, and I feel as though we have our players prepared as far as a really good game plan, physically and mentally. We tried to make sure they’re prepared and ready to go because, with this being on the varsity level with really good competition, we have to put our guys in position to be successful. We watch films, we feed the guys, we practice every day with the exception of Sundays… So yes, I feel I was very well prepared and believed we could actually win the game.”

Sadly, however, Mr. Capers goes on to say, “The final score was 72 to 63.” With hindsight notes he recounts, “I felt like the guys didn’t leave it all out on the floor; I feel like they played really hard, but we didn’t execute or carry out our game plan to the best of our abilities. That’s what led to us not winning.” Continuing he adds, “They’re really good guys, really skilled, hardworking, smart, and young. Young meaning young and inexperienced. They have some experience, but to the level where we’d like to be? They haven’t gotten there yet and that’s due to lack of experience.” In a very optimistic turn of events, he closes the following statement by saying, “Since the season has started, we’ve seen tremendous amounts of improvement in listening to what we’re saying as a coaching staff. We’ve seen growth as far as personalities so it’s very fun, very interesting.” He says, “It was a lot of fun [coaching the team], a lot of energy- They’re very high energy, very enthusiastic, really fun to be around and they get along with each other for the most part, so that’s good.” Referring to coaching, he says “Keeps me young and keeps me on my toes.”

As far as the game itself he states, quite peacefully, “It is what it should’ve been. There wasn’t anything that we weren’t prepared for. It’s just that we didn’t capitalize on the opportunities as much as we should have or as we could have because the game was ours for the taking.” Now, referring to the opposing team, he compliments them saying, “With the exception of ‘good job,’ they played hard, they played together, and they did what it took to win the game.”

Enthusiastically, he tells us, “It was a very interesting game and I do know we will play them again, later on in the season. We are scheduled to play them again in January, and I believe we’ll be prepared.”

The crowd of the boys’ basketball game, Seahawks VS Gators, proudly expressing their spirits. (Caroline)