Girl’s Basketball Thick and Thin


Junior Gonzalez

Freshman Gianna Fotopolous on the ball about to shoot a basket.

Adia Symmonds, Staffer

Girls Basketball at Sunlake High School has a current record of 3-3, and in the past has had many wins. After each year, they say goodbye to their seniors and welcome in their new first-year students.

One of these first-year students is Gianna Fotopoulos. She states that her season “is going good. Varsity is 3-3 and Jv is 3-1. Our team has super-skilled and smart players on the court. We still have two months to go, and we have amazing coaches and players that are committed and ready for it.” The team is looking forward to the two more months they have together. They plan to continue to improve their record to reach districts as the first step to states. Giana claims that “Sunlake basketball is so different from Rushe.” Her transition from Rushe, middle school basketball, to Sunlake basketball “is a whole different level.” Doing basketball for Sunlake “you have to be on top of things and be constantly conditioned and strong physically and mentally… [that] it’s not just ‘for fun.’” It is a sport that can take you places and give you opportunities some people do not get. At Sunlake High School the girls basketball team is disciplined to do well and perform every day at practices and games. If you are not with it, “you’re encouraged to walk out the door.” They do not want people putting in zero effort, it is a team sport requiring everyone to give max effort so the team can progress.

Giana Fotopoulos is looking forward to the game against our rival school Land O’ Lakes to get revenge. She says it “has been the only game [JV] lost and on our home court… [and we] won’t let that happen again.” Every time Sunlake plays Land O’ Lakes it is a game to remember, always trying to avenge other teams who have also lost. The girls basketball team is looking to improve their record and make it as far as possible. Gianna is looking forward to “getting better and more comfortable with my team” but the most important thing for her is to “prove to our school that us girls aren’t irrelevant or soft. We’re … good. We’ll show [them].” Female sports at Sunlake are just as competitive as the male. Our female teams tend to have a very solid record across many sports, as well as the male teams. Sports at Sunlake high are getting better and better and will continue to sprout to new places.