Shooting for the Hoops

Ella Infanger, Staffer

Cherity Powells (23) with her teammates during a basketball game. (Junior Gonzalez)

Our girl’s basketball team had an awesome game against the Tampa Catholic Crusaders and worked hard! It was an away game at Tampa Catholic High School, and although we didn’t take home a win, our girls put their best foot forward. The final score of the game was 43-34. It was no easy game against the Crusaders, but our team learned from it and can now improve. For freshman Cherity Powells, number 23, “The game went well. We were aggressive and played hard.” Cherity is known as a swing player, which is an athlete capable of playing in multiple positions or levels. In her case, Cherity plays for both the Varsity and JV team. She’s an important player and brings skill to the table. Her highlight of the game was that she “played very good defense and was aggressive even though we [sic] were playing against a taller team.” Our girls put up a fight and worked together to do their best. “The teamwork was great,” Cherity continued, “We were patient and had trust in each other!” In the end, the team learned some new lessons from the game. Cherity explained that, “as a team, we need to work on communicating more on the court and being more confident in what we’re saying.” This game pushed our team and taught try new strategies for playing in the future.