Shooting for Success


Noah Sagnip

(Sophomore) Logan Kanicki takes warmup shots before the game against Land O Lakes.

Noah Sagnip, Staffer

As football season ends, basketball season takes over. The Sunlake boys basketball team strives to get revenge for the tough season for the football team. Already at a 4-3 record, this years basketball team has drastically improved from last years rough 3-19 season. Already passing those three wins from last year, this team has something special going for them. Last week, on December 7th, the Seahawks faced off in a game against Land O Lakes High School; the basketball Butterbowl. Unfortunately, the boys lost this close game to a rough 71-56 loss. Using this as a wakeup call, the boys made a come back the next few games and beat the undefeated CDS Patriots 76-57, destroying their undefeated record.

Two-year varsity starter, Sophomore Logan Kanicki, believes this season will be a great one. After making varsity as a freshman (and being a starter as a freshman), Logan is prepared to make a statement this year. After the tough loss against Land O Lakes, Logan says, “My performance was not the best, I could have played a whole lot better. But as a team, we should’ve played better. We are going to beat them when we play them again.” Despite the loss, I asked him how he thinks the team will bounce back for the rest of the season. He says, “We are going to bounce back great. We already won back-to-back games since then. It was a wakeup call, and now we are ready to set the tone for the rest of the season.” The loss truly was a wakeup call for the boys as they showed up victorious in their next two games. When asked about the team’s strengths and weaknesses, Logan says, “We are a great defensive team and very aggressive and competitive.” To counter last year’s rough season, Logan believes they can improve this year by “being more locked in and focusing on being the best team we can be.” All hopes are high for this talented basketball team as they continue to work hard in their season.

Sophomore Logan Kanicki goes up for a fast break layup against Land O Lakes. (Noah Sagnip)