Sunlake vs. Land O’ Lakes – We Won!



Graham Robinson at the game against Land O’ Lakes. Working together is vital to winning the game.

Daniel Crane, Staffer

On December 7, 2022, Sunlake High School’s Basketball team faced off against Land O’ Lakes High School’s basketball team. Thanks to the training, dedication, and teamwork of our team, Sunlake managed to win the game.

One of the players on the team, Graham Robinson, gave more insight into game. He described the defense and offense of our team. “For defense, we could have been a little better; offensive, we just have to pass the ball more but I’d say we had a good game.” Graham explained how he played, stating, “I think I did exceptionally well… I didn’t get the ball a lot, but I did make my free-throws, and that’s the most important thing in my book.” When he was asked about where the team could improve on, Graham said “I would say passing the ball more, and, me personally, trying to score more.”

It’s good to know that the team is always improving and working on their skills. Working as a team – both on the court and off – is key to winning. Support and encouragement from other students is also important to keep team morale high, so go and support your fellow Seahawks!

Graham Robinson at the Land O’ Lakes game.