A New Member to The Girls Basketball Flock

Adia Symmonds, Staffer

Every high school sport team loses some valuable seniors each year, but also take in some new, fresh talent—the freshmen. Across many schools in many districts in many states, freshmen become the key to a successful, winning team. At Sunlake, the freshman that have come to the school have brought a new fire. One of these students is freshman Skylar Graffam. After being in the program for a little bit of time she states their “season is going strong.” Compared to the neighboring middle school, Charles S. Rushe, she said that it “is different from Rushe in a skill way but the way we are all like a big family is something that sticks out to me!” Skylar is going against older and bigger people and is enjoying her season because of the people around her who took her into the team. This team is playing well against their competition, but Skylar is looking forward to a specific game against Mitchell High School, because her “old coach coaches that team.” It is always a fun and interesting game against people who know the way you perform, which is a big reason why high school sports are highly enjoyed and parttook in. The girls basketball fall season is continuing to go on and Skylar is looking forward to “keeping up our good win streak this season, but I’m looking forward to reaching full potential!” School basketball season brings out a lot from people. Every sport in general creates a very thrilling, exciting match-up each competition. Sunlake sports will continue to grow and get better in the future and hopefully add more accomplishments to the ones we already have.