The Movie Night Experience


Ben Hock

Senior Nick Hiltz is showing off his hot chocolate at the movie night

Ben Hock, Staffer

There was a movie night after school on the Sunlake football field in which many students from every grade level attended. A vast majority went in pairs or in groups of friends to go see the movie playing on the bigscreen: The Polar Express. There was no entry fee, but you could spend money at the concession stand to purchase food, candy or hot chocolate for only a dollar. One of the students who attended with a friend was senior, Nick Hiltz. He shares their experience. “I went with one of my friends to the movie night. It was more fun than I had expected due to the jokes we made between each other during the movie.” During the film the screen fell over, but thanks to the volunteers attending, the issue was able to be quickly fixed to ensure the positive experience of the attendees. When Nick went to the concession stand to get a hot chocolate, he said, “The staff was very nice and even put an extra scoop of chocolate into my hot cocoa.” Nick’s favorite scene of the movie is the part where the train crosses the glacier since it added a sense of excitement to an otherwise chill movie.

The movie polar express in being shown at the movie night and on the right is the students running the concession stand. (Ben Hock)