Electric Cars are Taking Over


Leighianajean Lazo

Ella Bagnuik sitting on top of her Tesla Model 3 in the Sunlake parking lot.

Leighianajean Lazo, Staffer

The pleasures of technology have comforted us for such years that we use it to become more efficient in our everyday lives and with our daily needs also. Ranging from a bunch of things to a self-functioning robot that cleans, and to a self-driving car that could potentially make driving safer. A selected few of Sunlakes’ students have fully functioning electric cars that they use in their everyday lives. One of these few students, Ella Bagniuk, owns a “Tesla Model 3” and shared her benefits of using the car. She states that “…having an electric car is better than a gas car because I never have to stop for gas, I can charge it right at my own house.” This shows how beneficial it is for her to own a Tesla, as she can charge her own vehicle at her house without the worry of stopping at the nearest gas station. Ella also mentioned that it “saves me a lot of money on gas, especially when gas prices spiked up last year”; this probably helped her a lot as a student in high school, as she doesn’t have to worry about the price of gas while focusing on academics. Although it is expensive, a Tesla could be a great option; from Ella’s experience, she said her “…car was 50k and only adds about 10 dollars to our electric bill.” Despite the initial expense, it’s somewhat affordable when it comes to charging with electricity rather than gas. That is why, as Ella states, she is “[sharing] the car with my younger brother who’s a year younger than me.” The Tesla Model 3 is probably one of the most expensive initial payments on the market, yet one of the most affordable in the long run. Even though it’s advanced and has the benefits of an electric car, it also has the downsides that any car would have. Ella mentions getting her “…car February of 2022 and have never had any problems with it,” which shows how the car is quite a big benefit for people who own it.

Ella Bagnuik posing infront of her Tesla Model 3 with a smile on her face. (Leighianajean Lazo)