The Old for The New Feat. Ramsey Belcher


Ramsey Belcher

A heartwarming meal with the Belcher family, starring Sophomore Ramsey Belcher.

Andrew McEntire, Staffer

As the ball draws near, the latest of a series of chaotic years comes to a close. We’ve faced viruses, increasing hostility, and delved into the deep of self discovery- though it’s not all gloom. We’ve made friends and partners, memories to cherish and most importantly, we’ve grown throughout the challenges.

For one Ramsey Belcher, Sophomore, her last few days were filled with wonderous excitement and adventure, “Me, and my family, and my best friend since we were 2 years old, traveled to see my grandparents in Traverse City, Michigan for the new years.” she continues giddily, “On New Year’s Eve we all gathered on a very cold night—it was freezing not snowing, but it was raining—we went to see the cherry drop it was amazing and so much fun.”

Sophomore Ramsey Belcher travels to Michigan to watch 2022 come to a close with family. (Ramsey Belcher)

When asked about the dreaded New Years question, ‘What’s your new years resolution?’ she ponders for a moment before stating, “My New Year’s resolutions are definitely to work on myself.” Like us all, she continues, “My grades, try to focus on the good more than the bad, make more friends, work out, and pass my driver’s test that is coming up.” She closes the interview by saying, “But over all, my new years was amazing and I would love to do it all again!”

We bid 2022 farewell and leave the old for the new. Some advice worth sharing; just have fun, life is far too long to be worrying every second- and change won’t feel like change unless you reflect with unbiased eyes. Might as well simply ‘go with the flow’ since you can’t change the time your stomach rumbled a little too loud in a quiet classroom, or the time you had a weird tone during role-call, you can’t be perfect all the time. Unless you’re a Senior and your name is Emily.