Success Story of Soccer

Adia Symmonds, Staffer

Boys Soccer at Sunlake High school in Land O Lakes now has a record of 18-2-1 for varsity and 13-0-1 for JV. For many years, the boys soccer team has been highly successful for numerous reasons: talented individual players and a dedicated team collective. On one of these teams is center back, sophomore John Feeney. Playing for JV, John states that playing for his school has “been good. We win, which is good, but building as a team and as friends is always a plus.” As well as acknowledging that, “if the season does not go well, you will definitely make a friend.” High school sports bring a lot of people from different clubs and different grades together to compete on a team: people of different backrounds, pride, and values. People participate in high school sports for many different reasons. Johns “favorite thing about school soccer would have to be the energy and competitiveness of everyone on the team… to win.” In fact, their record shows their success. Out of many games they have played and won, Johns favorite one was the one versus Jesuit High school because “it was our most competitive one by far since it was the finals but playing against quality competition and good friends made the game great.” Playing against people you normally play with in a club is such an adrenaline rush. High school sports bring so many feelings—from the joy of winning to dissatisfaction of losing and everything in between. The boys soccer team at Sunlake will continue to grow and keep their reputation of being a formidable team—both JV and varsity.

Sophomore John Feeney playing against Tampa Prep away which they won. (Jamie Finan)