New year, same rides


James Margos

Peyton Miller in front of his truck.

James Magos, Staffer

Many students here at Sunlake High school drive to school, and you see all different kinds of vehicles; cars, trucks, electric vehicles. But trucks and Jeeps always seem to stand out a little bit more. They are big and strong vehicles. Marissa Martinez is a junior at Sunlake, and she drives a Jeep. “The car is have is a 2015 Jeep. I named her Sarah.” “I took the top off of her and added an American flag. I also put on a bunch of lights and decorations for Christmas.” I asked her what some of her favorite things about her Jeep were. “I love just driving myself and my friends around. It is a great Jeep and I would not want anything else.”

Sarah, Marissa Martinez’s 2015 Jeep.


Peyton Miller is another junior at Sunlake High School. “I drive a Ford F150 from 2010. I got it in November of 2021.” When I asked him if he has done anything to the truck, he said, “I put on some straight pipes for the exhaust and some 35s for the tires.” Peyton’s favorite thing about his truck is that “it is able to get me to and from my house without breaking down.”

Peyton Miller’s 2015 Ford F150