Practice Before The Big Game!


Daniel Crane

Senior Aleia Wood throwing a basketball.

Makayla Edwards, Staffer

Our girls basketball team had a fierce game against Zephyrhills High School. Senior Aleia Wood #5 shared that they won with a score of 54-26. Aleia said some of her favorite parts of the big game “was running our [sic] new plays and executing it.” The fulfilling feeling of finally getting the play just right and then executing it while in the game can feel uplifting and can be such a good feeling. Her least favorite part was the game was “fouling out,” said Aleia. Before the big game they had a practice where “we just went over plays” said Aleia. She also said that the practice before the game was a good one, setting up our Seahawks for a great game. Getting in a good practice helps motivate the players to believe in themselves and push them to do their very best to win the game. When practicing, every athlete has there favorite plays and drills they like to do to get ready for a game. “My favorite drill to do before a game is three on two because it gets our blood flowing and gets us ready for the game,” said Aleia. Overall, the lady Seahawks put up a close fight and did their best!