Same Life, New Year


Adia Symmonds

Senior Ella Bagniuk enjoying her time on New Years Eve.

Adia Symmonds, Staffer

2023; 10,9, 8,….3,2,1, 2023!!! Happy New Year. Every year all across the globe in their respected time zones at midnight on December 31st, it becomes a New Year. Many people create resolutions and goals for the year that they hope to achiev as well as completing their superstitions as soon as January 1st hits. Such as eating 12 grapes, wearing a certain color, running with a suitcase, to name a few. They also have parties on New Year’s Eve to go into the new year with their favorite people. One of these people that went to a party was senior Ella Bagniuk. Going in 2023 with her favorite people “was so nice and a great way to start the year.” Ella claims that she is looking forward to “the summer because college will be right around the corner.” Also, with the theme of moving forward she is happy to have “left … bad work habits and [has] decided to be a more hardworking person.” Ella is trying to better her new year but is also happy with the memories she has created. She states her favorite memory is “hanging out with my friends on New Years and going into 2023 surrounded by great people.” The new year tends to be a mental note. In the beginning it seems to be the same as the year before but once it continues on it’s a life-changing year.