Cars Only a Mother Could Love


Senior Marcus Airola posing on his car in the student parking lot.

Ben Hock, Staffer

The students here at Sunlake high school drive a variety of vehicles to school, work, home, or other places. One such variety are mom cars. Mom cars are self-explanatory in that they are stereotypical cars that a mom would drive. Senior Hannah Duckwitz and senior Marcus Airola drive such a vehicle. Hannah drives a Toyota RAV4. “I have two seats up front and like, two in the back, kind of. But you can squeeze a third person in there.” Hannah says she’s “been driving this car since I’ve [sic] had my license.” The car is a hybrid car and gets pretty good mileage compared to most other cars. Marcus drives a 2005 Jeep Cherokee, and unlike Hannah’s hybrid, Marcus’ car doesn’t get the best mileage. “My car, instead of getting miles per gallon, it gets gallons per mile.” Marcus has been driving this car for three years, and while he enjoys his car, it doesn’t run perfectly all the time. So if he could have another car, it’d be a Nissan Altima. His current car does come with some cool quirks despite this, such as heated seats. “Although my car may not have the best style or looks, it is super comfortable to drive in and while you drive you get to feel like a Karen dropping the kids off at soccer practice.”

Senior Hannah Duckwitz standing next to her Toyota RAV4.