A fabulous Freshman!


Kathryn Miles

Keely Fink spinning her flag during a color guard show.


Keely preforming her Colorgaurd show.

Keely Fink is a Freshman at Sunlake who has loads of unique interests and a great love for different forms of art such as painting, reading, and most especially, color guard. She states how she was, “very lucky to be able to go to a school with such a good color guard team, and I [sic] have been even more lucky to have the opportunity to be a part of it since 6th grade.” Exemplifying her dedication and loyalty to her craft, Keely has stuck with it through middle school and is now starting off her high school color guard career. Overall, Keely sums up to be a nice freshman who is a fan of all different outlooks of art and loves to express herself in many ways.