A Seahawks Trip To New Smyrna Beach


Hanna's grandmother

Pictured is Hanna, her mom, and her brother standing in front of shops at the beach.

Jillian Moore, editor

Pictured is Hanna and her grandmother in her grandmothers backyard.

Junior, Hanna Albano, traveled to New Smyrna Beach during winter break! New Smyrna beach is a beautiful beach in Florida. Hanna’s grandparents live there, so she decided that winter break would be a great time to go visit them. While she was there, she looked at a bunch of Christmas lights with her family. The next day, she went to the beach in the freezing cold weather. “The water was so cold but it was a lot of fun because I got to be with all of my family.” Hanna was so excited because she got to go on a dolphin and manatee tour. She was especially excited to see the manatees because she had never seen them before. After the tour, she got to go on a two hour kayak ride with her mom, where she saw lots of different fish and wildlife. The day after, Hanna and her family went to the New Smyrna Museum of History where they got to see many of the cities unique history. Hanna said “I do not normally like going to museums but it was actually super cool to see all of the history and exhibits in the museum. I am really happy I got to experience that with my family, and especially my grandparents since I do not get to see them often.” After the museum, they went to the Fernandez  Photography and Arts Gallery, which consists of local art, jewelry, photography and fair trade crafts from South and Central America. Hanna said, “My mom got me a really pretty necklace that is actually made from coconut and a beautiful painting with flowers on it.” Hanna was also really happy that her brother got to go with them on the trip because he graduated, and is in college, and she barely gets to see him. Hanna had a blast on this trip and can not wait to go back to New Smyrna!