Sunlake’s Dedicated Girl’s Basketball Team!


Daniel Crane

A member of the Girls’ basketball team on the court during pregame practice.

Daniel Crane, Staffer

Sunlake’s girls’ basketball team has been working hard to improve their skills recently. On the 12 of January, they played a home game against Zephyrhills High School. After the game, the team’s coach, Ms. Pledge, was interviewed on the team’s performance and how their training is going.

Ms. Pledge explained the team’s recent strategies, saying, “Our strategy, especially after Christmas break, has been to focus on what our strengths are”. Ms. Pledge explained the team’s strengths, “We are a highly defensive team. We are aware of each other, intune with one another and the energy that we provide.”

In terms of places where the team could improve on, Ms. Pledge said that, “We can always improve on scoring.” Ms. Pledge also explained how the team trains to improve their game. “We watch films. We learn where we are making gross mistakes; what we are doing wrong often. We talk about it and plan on how we want to fix those things.” She explained that the films the team watches are actually recordings of the team playing. Watching the footage allows the team to catch little details to improve on.

When asked what she would want her team to know, Ms. Pledge said, “I love them with everything. They are a great group of girls. Fantastic ladies, high character ladies and a great senior class.” Ms. Pledge also wanted to say that, “We have the biggest crowd, probably in the three-county area when it comes to attending girls’ basketball games.”

Ms. Pledge and her team are clearly dedicated and are a group of respectable players. Go out and support them at their next game by checking the school calendar!