The hobby that brings him peace!


Adrian Elorreaga

Photo of Adrian Elorreaga before a fight.

Makayla Edwards, Staffer

Adrian Ellelorreaga poses after winning match

Hobbies are something everyone has. “An activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure,” is the definition of a hobby. Sophomore Adrian Elorreaga has one specific interesting hobby “Thai boxing,” said Adrian.

When you have a hobby, there’s a reason you like it for. What Adrian likes about Thai boxing is the feeling he gets from boxing. “I like the feeling when I go in the ring. I really forget everything in there, so I think I’m just happy with that,” says Adrian. For most people, they have hobbies that are safe places for them to go when they may be stressed or overwhelmed with life. For Adrian, Thai boxing is his safe place. “It’s just like a good, safe place to go to for me,” says Adrian.

Adrian has been Thai boxing “since eleven, so around maybe five years now.” One of the biggest accomplishments he’s gained from Thai boxing is going to New York not once, but twice for boxing. “I’ve gone to New York already twice in a short amount of time, so I’m happy with that,” stated Adrian. Being able to go to New York is his favorite accomplishment because “of the experience. I got to meet a lot of new people and make new friends over there when I went to New York.”

To be able to have such opportunities like this he has to work like crazy he practices “5 days a week.” He loves boxing and has created a safe place within it. He wants other people to know that “one, is it’s great too. All the people there you meet are great and everything experience is great. Everyone’s nice. No one’s ever mean when you meet new people, they always congratulate you. Even if you win or lose, no matter what, everyone’s still there to help each other improve.”

Having hobbies in life is something that’s great. When you have a hobby, you can do it when you may be stressed or overwhelmed but you can also do it when you just want to enjoy it. There are a million different hobbies people can have, so when you find yours it is really a great feeling.