A Cheerful Seahawk 


Here at Sunlake High School, we are home of many insanely talented Sunlake Seahawks. Many students have such incredibly interesting hobbies that they participate in outside of school. One of the largest hobbies that our Seahawks participate in is club sports; club sports, such as basketball, soccer, football, etc., are a large part of Seahawk culture. Jillian Moore is a talented junior who is dedicated and loves her hobby, cheerleading. . Jillian stated, “I’ve done both sideline and competitive cheer for Sunlake High School from a freshman up to my current junior year.”  Jillian has been a cheerleader for about 11 years of her life. Jillian explained how cheer has impact on her life, from teaching her discipline and patience. “I absolutely love cheer so much. Cheer has helped me in so many ways and has always been a sort of an outlet for me at times. Cheer involves a lot of positivity, discipline, hard work, and dedication.” With her explanation what Jillian is trying say is that all those things such as having a positive attitude is important when being a cheerleader because that mindset is everything that is involved for all the things that each athlete must possess in order for a team  to get things done and succeed.