Seahawk Hobbies


Irene Sagnip

Sophomore, Noah Sagnip playing “All of Me” by John Legend at a recital.

Gabriela Carrioni, Staffer

Noah Sagnip, a sophomore at Sunlake Highschool enjoys playing the piano in his free time. Noah started playing piano when he was about four years old. He plays the instrument frequently; “I try to practice every day and I have fun playing on pianos I see in friends houses and other places. On top of that I take lessons every week.” Noah has played in a variety of places. He says “I have played at various recitals at many venues, and I have also played at nursing homes in front of veterans.” Although he has played piano practically his entire life, Noah does not see it as a prominent career option. When asked, he said “I don’t really think I will pursue piano as a complete profession, but I still want to play for the rest of my life, as it is a great talent that I have and value.” Noah believes that the piano has become a great part of his life and development as a person; “Playing piano has taught me many lessons. It has taught me how to persevere and work hard every day. I have practiced hard to learn new pieces, which can relate to my real life. Piano has also let me become more musically aligned and know a lot of knowledge in music in general.”

Sophomore, Noah Sagnip playing “All of Me” by John Legend at a recital. (Irene Sagnip)