Muscular Merriman

Zachary Merriman shares his passion for working out


Zachary Merriman

Zachary Merriman (Junior) posing during his workout in the signature “Zyzz” pose

Noah Sagnip, Staffer

All around Sunlake High School, students share many talents, hobbies, and special interests they do outside of school. Whether it may be a sport, work, or an interesting hobby, Seahawks are all unique in their own ways. For a special feature in the Junior class, Zachary Merriman has one hard working, dedicated hobby – working out in the gym every day.  

Zach is a well talented student, playing in multiple sports throughout his high school career (he is currently playing baseball). He spends most of his time working out in the gym along with school and baseball. “I actually started working out for a few reasons. Freshman year I played football so along with that came working out with the team, and not much later me and my best friend Kruz started working out in our spare time because we wanted to get stronger and bigger. At the time I was super skinny, and I hated the way I looked, so when I started to see progress it became an addiction and I’ve been doing it for about 3 years now.” While being a talented baseball player, Zach still balances his schedule well. He says, “When it comes to balancing my schedule, I’ve never really had a hard time. During season I would just go after practice or on game days sometimes I would get a light workout before the game but nothing crazy to wear me out for the game.” When asked about what his favorite muscle to hit Zach said, “I’m going to have to say my favorite muscle to hit is chest, the pump and the feeling you get is like nothing else. The chest is also one of the most noticeable muscles on the body and I love working on getting a bigger and better chest.” Zach has a bright future ahead of him. His passion for the gym as well as baseball will lead him to great things later in life. For his future, he says, “As of right now my plan is to just continue working out alongside with baseball going on into the future. I would love to be an influencer, but with baseball and school it’s not necessarily ideal for me. Competing on the other hand, it is very possible that I might decide to compete in the future once I feel my body is at competition level.” Zach is so passionate about his lifestyle of working out. With the amount of hard work every day he still enjoys what he does. He has a bright future ahead of him and continues to do what he loves.


Zachary Merriman (Junior) flexing his arms during a killer arm workout (Photo from Zachary Merriman)