Keeping “Track” of the stars

Koen Devenny

Children and teens now have many options on what to do with their time after school such as video games, sports, or just relaxing. Freshman Katrina Vega spends her time outside the classroom running track for both fun and the Sunlake Seahawks track team. Katrina says, “For me personally, track is amazing and a great way to showcase your talents and get to know others, it is also very important to me because it helps me clear my mind during a tough day and helps me a lot in becoming better in not only the sport but other aspects of my life too.” She has been running track for 3-4 years now and has no plans to slow down, in fact, she encourages others to start running, “I think they should start running track because it is a fun way of showcasing your talents and can show people not to judge a book by its cover because some of the smallest people are the fastest including me. Running track also has many benefits such as getting to know new people along with physical ones that will help you become better overall and in better sports.” Katrina is very excited for the 2023 Sunlake track and field season to begin and cant wait to show people what she can do.