Sunlake’s Holidays


Daniel Crane

Danielle Jasper, a senior who celebrates Hanukkah.

Daniel Crane, Staffer

With the number of students that attend Sunlake High School, it’s no surprise that there is a variety of holidays that students celebrate over winter break. One such holiday is Hanukkah, an eight day long Jewish holiday.

One student who celebrates this holiday is Danielle Jasper, a senior. “This was probably the first year that intercepted with winter break, which was nice.” Danielle said, explaining that “There have been years where it starts in November.” Danielle explained that it was much easier to celebrate Hanukkah when the break aligned with the holiday. Danielle also gave some insight into the holiday, saying “Well there’s the menorah, it has the nine candles, one for each night that you light.” Danielle explained the significance of traditions in the holiday, saying “Everything in Hanukkah revolves around oil. Each night you light another one (candle) and then you usually make fried foods.” Danielle explained how the holiday starts, saying “It’s an evening thing”, adding “There is less emphasis on the daytime because it’s called the calibration of light.”

It’s great that students have different holidays they celebrate. It gives them time to spend with their families and gather around a common idea or symbol. While many celebrate Christmas, the number of students at Sunlake High School means that there are other holidays bound to be observed.