Same Truck, New Everything


Peyton’s F150 out on the trails.

Ryan Harris, Staff

Junior Peyton Miller drives a 2010 Ford F150 XLT V8 4.6L. Peyton is no stranger to modding cars out. He added a 2Inch leveling kit as well as a 35-inch Nitto Grapps.  With the knowledge that Peyton has of welding he was able to take off the stock exhaust and add a dual straight pipe exhaust system. Sometime in the near future, Peyton says he wants to add a “six-inch lift kit and remove my catalytic converter.” When he was asked why he started modding his truck, he said “He kept setting stuck off-road so I needed the extra help.” Peyton is known for going hunting and taking the off-road trails, so he’s been wanting to add twenty-six-inch wheels. When asked what his most ambitious plan has been he said, “I need a supercharger, that would be insane.” When working on cars everyone wants one thing, more power. Peyton wants to add more horsepower to his truck and plans on doing that by adding a “cold air intake, cutting more out of the exhaust, and maybe tunning. I’m not an expert with tunning so I’m not sure.” From the time Peyton got his truck, to where it is now, the mods have created an amazing daily driver that you can also take off-roads.