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Freshman Alyssa Badal in New Jersey with her friends before the move.

Ryan Harris, Staff

As Florida begins to grow in population so does Sunlake, and year after year we get new students from all across the country ! Freshman Alyssa Badal (pictured in the middle) moved this summer from New Jersey to start her High School life as a Seahawk. she described the move as being “Good” and “Definitely a big change!” She told us that the biggest change was “probably like going to a new school and not knowing anyone.” She told us that she “Likes it!” She also told us that “It is a new experience and environment that I am enjoying!” Obviously moving from somewhere you lived for so long you begin to start to miss some of the the things that made your hometown special. Alyssa told us that she misses “My friends and family and the snow!” With a change like a big move comes certain things to look forward to Alyssa told us that she is looking forward to the Florida summer. She told us that she looks forward to “being able to go to the beach whenever I want and not having to drive a far distance” But the one thing Alyssa said she wishes Florida had that New Jersey had, was the “Good Bagels.”