Climbing to your Dreams

Freshman Isabella Gray climbing a rock formation, one of her favorite past times.

Gessica Smith

Freshman Isabella Gray climbing a rock formation, one of her favorite past times.

Ella Infanger, Staffer

Some students spend their free time doing activities like practicing the flute, painting a canvas, or shooting goals in soccer. For Isabella Gray, the best way to spend her time is rock climbing. This Sunlake freshman found a passion for the sport and it’s become an important part of her life. By climbing up and down different rock formations, rock climbers participate in four different types of climbing. That includes bouldering, top rope, lead, and speed. Each of these categories test different skills and abilities in rock climbing. Isabella says she’s “been climbing with the Vertical Ventures Vanguards for 3-4 years now. I started in the fall of my 6th grade year.” When climbing, there is no right or wrong path to take towards your end goal. “I enjoy rock climbing because it’s like a puzzle. I love thinking critically and creatively to figure out the right moves to get to the top,” Isabella continued, explaining the passion she has. She shared that rock climbing can be competitive and that “last year during top rope season I placed for the first time and made it to regionals, which was an interesting experience.” Climbing can be a rewarding experience and Isabella has enjoyed improving in the past few years. She plans to “continue rock climbing through high school” and wants to “continue climbing through college as well.” Isabella is passionate about this sport and uses it as a way to challenge herself in new ways.

Freshman Isabella Gray climbing a rock formation. (Brad Gray)