The Simple Things


Daniel Crane

Michael Cerrato, a freshman who enjoys drawing as a simple way to relax and spend time alone.

Daniel Crane, Staffer

There are numerous activities and hobbies students partake in doing after school to keep entertained. Some activities are very active and extreme, while others are toned down. Drawing is activity that might be overlooked by many but it can be a good way to wind down and be alone with ones thoughts.

One freshman who enjoys drawing, Michael Cerrato, explained why he enjoys drawing in his free time, saying, “It’s nice to express what I’m feeling.” Michael explained that he generally enjoys drawing fiction. “I can express whatever I’m thinking or feeling. [I enjoy] making interesting designs.”

Michael has been drawing since a young age. “I have been drawing since a very young age: about six or seven.” Michael added that he hasn’t taken any drawing classes since elementary school, so he is mostly self-taught. Michael draws as a hobby, saying, “I sometimes contemplate drawing professionally, but I think it would be better as a hobby.”

Michael noted that he sometimes draws with his family and explained that others should also look into drawing. “I think it’s a nice way to kill time. [The most beneficial part of drawing] is visualizing. I think about the backgrounds about the characters I draw.” Michael explained that giving the characters you draw backgrounds can making drawing an even more enjoyable experience.

There are many hobbies and experiences that students take part in after school. Drawing is just one example of the hundreds of different activities one can participate in after school.