Senior Ryan Wilson’s 10 Year Plan


Mackenzie Southworth

Senior Ryan Wilson posing for the camera.

Mackenzie Southworth, Staff

Ryan Wilson with his One-Wheel.

Senior Ryan Wilson moved to Florida in August of 2022, so while this is his first year as a Sunlake Seahawk, he is ready to soar! “When I [graduate], I want to spend probably half a year to get a job and make some money. After that, I’ll go to either college [BYU Provo] or on a mission. If I go to college first I’ll probably spend a year there before going on a mission and finish college when I get back.” Commonly, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints serve missions as young adults, where they spread messages and teachings of their church, volunteer, and help out in the community for 18-24 months. He hopes to serve his mission in “either Japan or somewhere Spanish speaking, that isn’t Mexico. Hopefully, somewhere I haven’t been before.” Continuing his plan, “I haven’t thought much after that, I might do something in medical. I might also do something lawyer related, I don’t really know. Or maybe something computer, those are the top three.”

Other goals Ryan has are to “be married and possibly have kids before 30, to get a house, [and to] hopefully have enough money to travel around with my spouse before kids. I might try to live in Colorado or Texas, maybe Florida,” since he was born in Texas and lived in Colorado until last August. As the school year comes to an end and these things begin to become a reality, we wish him the best of luck!