Easel Up


Alyssa Glover

Atti’s painting.

Jack Lonon, Staffer

Freshman Atti Glover loves to paint, and has been learning since the 6th grade. “I started when I was gifted with an art easel during Christmas and needed to find a use for it. Once I started painting, I realized it was a great way to pass time and get to show your emotions on canvas.” Fortunately, they aren’t alone in their creative endeavors: “My uncle was also a painter and went to a college for art. I also had a friend in 8th grade I painted with.”

“I think the outcome of the painting is the best part. The process is long and excruciating and sometimes it’ll get boring but seeing the outcome of your creativity is amazing,” Atti said. Luckily, the rewards don’t end with the finished piece. “Painting requires a lot of patience which is something that can be transferred to a lot of areas in your life.” What they love to paint the most “is fantasy landscapes. My favorite painting is one I did with my friend, featuring mountains and a night sky and it was one of the funnest to make.”

Though they’ve come very far, Atti was a beginner once, too. “When I first started painting I wish I had more tips in mind, like painting the background before doing details in the front.” In the future, they would “love to pursue art professionally but mostly somewhere digital.”

A portrait of the artist: Alyssa Glover smiles for the camera. (Alyssa Glover)